Wednesday, February 28, 2018


I believed in Jesus from the womb so to speak.  I don't remember not believing in Jesus.  I enjoyed attending church and always felt loved there.  So when I attended a "Youth For Christ" rally I felt no need to go forward to make a public declaration.  The message was simple-- John 3:16.  I had memorized this verse at a very young age.  I trusted in Jesus to save me.

When I listened to Billy Graham on the radio or on TV I knew what he was preaching was correct.  But I, like others, wanted in depth teaching from the Bible.  Billy pointed us in the right direction but his message wasn't going to help us defend our faith.

Here is a podcast from Breakpoint where the life and legacy of Graham is discussed. It is about 25 minutes long.  At one point, the difference between fundamentalism and evangelicalism is explained, in relation to Billy Graham. I come out as an evangelical.  Are you one or the other?

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