Friday, September 30, 2016


Philippians 2:10-11

What in the world is going on?  There are shootings, twitter wars, road rage, disobedient children, serious crime, and war in the news every day.  Christianity is declining and atheists, and communists are looked up to.  Well, now we know why humanity can never get it right.  We have free will.  God will give us over to depraved minds if we don’t repent and turn to Him, (Romans 1:28).

Somebody needs to do something about all those who have been given over to depraved minds and are wondering around confused.  Maybe a “net force” should be formed. If someone is acting irrationally a net could be thrown over them.  (We really do need some spider men.)

It was back in the 60’s that I quit teaching because I discovered that the majority of children are strong willed and I did not have the energy to deal with them every day.  They need boundaries to push on and I was tired.  I’m amazed that God hasn’t gotten tired and just zapped humanity.  But it is coming. 

Meanwhile we hold on to Jesus and keep our eyes on Him because looking at the circumstances keeps us up at night! Here is a well-written blog about the current race problem that is going on in our nation. Here is a Fallen Officer Memorial page for downed officers in the state of Washington.

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