Friday, March 27, 2015

I Think J. Vernon McGee Was Correct

While Glenn Beck* rails and rants about the Obama White House being involved with the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda, Jonathan Cahn**, and Joel Rosenberg***, warn that we are in the last days of planet Earth. While listening to and reading what these men have written, I couldn’t help thinking about J. Vernon McGee****, and Thru the Bible radio. My parents listened to J. Vernon faithfully every morning and studied thru the Bible every five years with him up until they went home to be with Jesus.  J. Vernon McGee believed in the pre-tribulation rapture of the Church.  In other words, he thought that all Christians will be caught up into the clouds with Jesus before the terrors written about in the last book of the Bible-- Revelation, come to pass.  I believe he is accurate because God through Jesus Christ has promised that all those who are in Him will not be condemned, Romans 8:1, and John 3:18.

*(Glenn Lee Beck (born February 10, 1964) is an American television personality and radio host, conservative political commentator, author, television network producer,[5] filmmaker, and entrepreneur.)

**(Jonathan Cahn is a messianic Jewish Rabbi and pastor best known for his best selling novel "The Harbinger" in which he compares the United States and the September 11 attacks, to ancient Israel and the destruction of Kingdom of Israel), click here for his website.

***(Joel C. Rosenberg (born 1967) is an American communications strategist, author of the Last Jihad series, and founder of The Joshua Fund.[3] An Evangelical Christian), click here for his website.

****(John Vernon McGee, Th.D., LL.D, (June 17, 1904 – December 1, 1988) was an ordained Presbyterian minister (PCUS) and later became the pastor of a non-denominational church, a Bible teacher, theologian, and was also a radio minister), click here for the website.            

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