Thursday, February 19, 2015

Satellite Communication

Carolyn, Ruth , and me, 40 years later at Calvary

When we were attending Groveton High school in Alexandria, VA my older brother, Jay, and I attended youth group at Calvary Presbyterian church.    Our advisor was Ray Schall father of Jim and Donna Schall.  ( Ray just recently went home to be with Jesus at ninety-eight years old.)  Jay and I enjoyed youth group and looked forward to attending every week.  I don’t remember what we did but it must have been fun.  The only memory I have was of kidnapping Anna Peeler so that she would come to youth group. 

Years later,  daughter, Heather, attended several different youth groups and enjoyed some of the activities. So when our son was in high school we wanted him to have fun times at youth group. After checking out many churches in our area we decided to go back to the church we had attended twelve years earlier even though it was a long commute.  Jes was more compatible with the kids in Shoreline, WA than he was with the kids in Bellevue, WA. 

On returning to Shoreline Covenant Church I discovered that two of the women I had known and admired had started a weekly Morning Prayer group. They prayed for the church and for our country.  I joined the group and was blessed once again by agreeing in prayer and seeing God work. 

So when we began attending our present church, Martha Lake Covenant church, I started a weekly prayer group based on the pattern of the group at Shoreline. But unfortunately we have several people who are not in good health and can’t make it to the prayer group once a week.   We are encouraging “Satellite Prayer.”   Those who desire can pray along with us at 10 each Tuesday while staying home. Here is a list of some of the topics we pray about:

·      Our Church
·      Our Country
·      Missions and Missionaries
·      Health needs
·      Our Schools
·      Those needing employment
·      Our Military
·      Israel
·      Persecuted Church
·      Salvation for the Lost
·      Businesses
·      Cure for diseases like cancer and Ebola
·      Media

We have cell phones, which bounce off of satellites and enable us to communicate with each other, so we figured that those praying at home would be our satellites, join our prayers, and increase our voices up to God. 

Our pastor is teaching a class on prayer, David Jeremiah has been preaching on prayer; everywhere I look Christians are calling out to God in prayer.  We are living in desperate times. 

In C.S. Lewis’s book, “The Silver Chair,” (click on the link if you would like more information about the book,,) there is a scene that I believe depicts what is happening around the world.   On page 158, one of the characters, Puddleglum, puts his foot in the fire and the bad smell did three things—it made everyone’s brain clearer, the Witch spoke in a loud terrible voice, the sudden shock of pain dissolved certain kinds of magic.  Maybe this is what is happening now.  The bad smell of evil that is happening all over the world is waking Christians up to pray intensely. God has told His people to pray and seek His Face whether in groups or as satellites!


  1. How wonderful to know that we could join your prayer group on Tuesdays. If I understand correctly, you're referring to 10:00 A.M. PST which would put it at 1:00 P.M. EST. Even better!

    1. That is correct it would be 10 am PST and 1pm EST. It would be such a comfort to know that you are praying with us. We need more and more of God's people seeking His Face without ceasing!