Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Someone Should Write a Book--Funny Titles

View from Above--Tahiti Hats.  
(Yes, they wear hats to church in Tahiti)

Squash is difficult

How to go Broke without going Boating

The Way to Somewhere Else

Good Enough

Just Something Else to Paint
(We don't need more stuff.)

No is a Four Letter Word

Space Keeper

View from Down Low
(A person in a wheel chair gets a different view
than someone standing up.)

Life is like a Booster Shot

Coming Home for the Very First Time

This isn’t the Real Party

From the Frying Pan into the Kettle

When Life gets Tough take a Bubble Bath

I feel like Killing Plants or Dealing With Grief

I Used to have Flying Dreams

Tools for Tea

Being an Idiot for Dummies

Simple Things Made Hard

I’ve Always Been Me

Hollyhocks over the Septic Tank

Nobody said “WOW!”

I Never Loose my Glasses

I Made Straight A’s

The Real Indiana Jones or Mc Iver

Never Walk between Parked Cars in Mexico
(There are usually dogs in the cars and they will bark when you least 
expect it.)

You Can’t Find Her Shoe?  She’ll have to Hop.

The Wharf Finger Wore MUFTI

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