Monday, September 10, 2012


This year we had two friends, (one in her 90's, and one in his 80's), and a family member in her 90's pass away.  When I look at their lives it is not for me to judge; but I can discern how they invested in this life.  I had many discussions with them about the Gospel.  In the end hearts were softened toward Jesus.  I thought the questions Joel Rosenberg, in a recent blog, asked his readers were interesting.  He writes,  Please blog and Facebook and email and tweet about the importance of discipleship. Let’s share with each other our answers to these questions: 1) Who is investing in you? 2) Who are you investing in? 3) Are you living the invested life? 4) How are you living in the invested life? 5) What works and what doesn’t?”  

In other words are we storing up treasures in Heaven?

As I was meditating and thinking about discipleship I remembered a Sunday school paper given out in my parent’s Sunday school class, many years ago.  My mom mailed it to me.  It related the story of a woman who loved to study the Bible.  I told the Lord that I wanted to be like her and suddenly, without any effort on my part, I loved to study the Bible. I drank scripture in like cool, clear, refreshing water.  I have studied with Bible Study Fellowship, Community Bible study, various Bible studies at church, and now I’m studying with Precepts Ministries.  Every time I spend time in the Word I am instructed, convicted, comforted, and or encouraged.  It’s a joy to be reminded how much God loves us.

Because of my chronic illness I’ve had to limit my activities.  Years ago I was praying and asking God what I could do for His Kingdom.  He impressed on my heart that I could pray.  In the past I have never felt comfortable praying aloud.  But at a Sunday school teacher workshop, which I attended when I was in my 30’s, led by Evelyn Christianson, Evelyn tricked me in to praying out loud.  She had us gather in small groups and then each of us was to pray a one sentence prayer.  Because of the short prayers by each of us I was actually able to pray aloud.  I have always been succinct with my words and so now I could be succinct in prayer. This was doable for me.

As a result of learning how to pray simple prayers, and believing God wanted me to pray, I wanted to join a prayer group.  An article about Mom’s in Prayer (previously Moms in Touch) mistakenly, was placed in a PTA newsletter. (Mom’s in Prayer doesn’t want any advertisement in secular newsletters.  Information through churches, para church organizations, and word of mouth are desired.) The article told about Moms in Prayer and gave a contact name. I thought that I could at least pray one sentence so I called the contact and joined the group.  I learned that no one is expected to pray aloud in Moms in Prayer.  If we wish we can pray silently in our hearts.  I picture God saving our prayers up in a golden bowl, and showering us with every good and perfect gift.  What a comfort to have the support of other moms.

So what is the path to discipleship? I would say it centers on Bible study and prayer.  Through these activities God will lead us in spreading the Gospel and making disciples. We will be so full of the knowledge of the Lord Jesus, and His love, that it will flow over.  Investing in others will be interwoven into our lives.

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