Friday, April 6, 2012

We Were Pacifists

Some research has shown that most people are strong willed and that a minority are compliant.  In my family of birth we were mostly compliant.  Even with five siblings we never fought except for one brother who would pick on the other two brothers.  One time when my youngest brother, Wayne, was two and the next youngest brother, Davy, was 6, they got into it.  Davy had been teasing Wayne all day.  Finally Wayne decided to beat Davy up.  Davy ran into our parent’s bedroom and locked the door.  Wayne sat outside and waited.  Davy called to our mother that Wayne was going to beat him up.  Our mother said he had to face the music.  So Davy climbed out the bedroom window and circled back and avoided a confrontation.  He quit teasing Wayne after that. 

When my older brother was in 4th grade he was average in size for his age.  A classmate who was large for her age used to pick on him.  On his way home from school every day he had to out run her and would come home panting.  One day my aunt was there and she told him that the next time it snowed he should wash her face in snow.  He did that and was called into the principal’s office along with my mom.  She was upset at my aunt for encouraging him to do that. 

All this to say that those who are strong willed must work to become more compliant and those who are compliant must work to become more strong willed.  But this will only happen if people admit they are not perfect and need to do some self-improvement.  Sometimes Christians are called to suffer for Christ.  Then we must be compliant.  Please pray for protection for these kids. Above is a video from a Voice of the Martyrs’ blog.

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